COVID-19 has stopped the world. Every business and system on the planet now needs to reboot. 


And a great equalizing in competitive markets is unfolding as powerful forces are creating massive new markets and threatening existing ones as COVID-19 changes how we live, work and play. 


THE GREAT REBOOT is a story about the extraordinary business risks and opportunities behind the catastrophic impacts of the global pandemic.


The first roadmap on succeeding in the aftermath of this catastrophe, THE GREAT REBOOT identifies the key weakness that led us to this point. It then takes readers on a journey that will help them turn this disaster into game-changing opportunity that will successfully reboot their company into the post-pandemic world.  

Written by three of the world's leaders in business strategy and digital and cybersecurity risk oversight, THE GREAT REBOOT is a must-read for every CEO, corporate director, and employee.

After reading THE GREAT REBOOT business leaders will understand how to succeed in the new post-pandemic normal.